A couple of crackers!

We’re back in the Old World again for this week’s first recommendation; Sicily to be precise – an island whose winemaking history goes back to the 8th century BC, even before the arrival of the Greeks. Until quite recently the overwhelming proportion of its output was either the fortified and usually sweet Marsala or tanker-loads of pretty ropey blending wine which could end up almost anywhere. Then in the 1990s quality began to replace quantity and many of the old, over-producing vineyards were pulled up and replaced by some of Sicily’s old, indigenous varieties. Of course, the likes of cabernet, syrah and chardonnay also got a look-in due largely to […]

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Wines of the Week

 This week I’m concentrating on wines from Australia; South Australia to be precise. At one time or another I’ve worked at various wineries around the state and I can honestly say that not only are the locals some of the most friendly, welcoming and down to earth people you could meet, they also enjoy living in one of the most beautiful parts of that vast country. Most of the quality winemaking areas in South Australia lie between the capital Adelaide and Port Augusta, just a couple of hundred miles up the road. In 1996 Bob Berton established a winery in the Eden Valley which produces a superb range of wines […]

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Colchester Gazette Astute Wine Club

I’m constantly impressed by the sheer variety and quality of wine coming out of Spain these days. The time when all you could find on the wine merchants’ shelves were Sherry and Rioja are long gone and regions such as Rueda, Ribera del Duero and Jumilla are producing world class wines that are definitely worth a punt. It may come as a surprise but Spain has the largest area of vineyard of any country in the world (just over a million hectares – about 14% of the total) and its production of wine lies third after France and Italy. No wonder then that there is such a wealth of wine […]

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New cult beer from Western Australia!

Fintry Wines is now a retailer of the hugely fashionable and ‘uber-trendy’ new beer to hit these shores from Fremantle in Western Australia. Little Creatures Pale Ale is a 5.2% abv beer which is rapidly gaining a following over here. Produced in a former crocodile farm, this is what the makers have to say about it: “We love our Pale Ale and throw bag loads of whole hop flowers that we source direct from hop growers in Victoria, Tassie and the US throughout the brewing process. These hops provide the intense citrus and stone fruit characters that we carefully balanced with select speciality malts and a local pale malt made […]

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Wine Spectator – ‘Smart Buy’.. .

Another recommendation for this cracking little number from the southern Rhone – the Americans love it! “This broad, gutsy red delivers lots of mouthfilling plum, blackberry, roasted fig, bramble, smouldering tobacco and warm stone notes. Dark and dense through the finish, but well-delineated. Drink now through 2016.” J.M Available now – just £8.49

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