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Something from the Black (wine) Country!

In the heart of the French Dordogne is Cahors, famous for its ‘black wine’. This [...]

Scrumptious stuff from the Middle East!

I recently attended a tasting of wines devoted to the less well known vine-growing parts [...]

Languedoc-Roussillon; A new AOC: Picpoul de Pinet in Languedoc

On 14 February 2013, the 47 members of the INAO (the French regulatory wine board) voted to [...]

Wines of the Week

We’re in Australia this week, South Australia to be precise, for two superb value wines [...]

A couple of crackers!

We’re back in the Old World again for this week’s first recommendation; Sicily to be [...]

Wines of the Week

 This week I’m concentrating on wines from Australia; South Australia to be precise. At one [...]

Colchester Gazette Astute Wine Club

I’m constantly impressed by the sheer variety and quality of wine coming out of Spain [...]

New cult beer from Western Australia!

Fintry Wines is now a retailer of the hugely fashionable and ‘uber-trendy’ new beer to [...]

Wine Spectator – ‘Smart Buy’.. .

Another recommendation for this cracking little number from the southern Rhone – the Americans love [...]

The Saint Clair Sauvignon Blan…

The Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc Selection 2012 – More 2012s coming soon..