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Croatian wine has a long history dating back to the time of the first Greek settlers over 2000 years ago. The vineyards and many of the local grape varieties may be ancient but modern winemaking techniques imported from elsewhere in Europe have guaranteed that Croatian wine can rival any other produced in most parts of the world.

The Croatian Institute of Viticulture and Enology was set up in 1996 to oversee the country’s wine industry, and be responsible for regulating wine-growing and wine production. Standards similar to the EU wine regulations were set up to ensure the consistent quality of the final product. In terms of global production Croatia ranks a lowly 30th, however wine is a popular drink and is consumed with most meals. Whites, reds, rosé, sparkling and dessert wines can all be found here.

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Just under a third of the country’s production is Croatian red wine. Istria and the north produce bold, dry reds including Teran, while Dalamtia in the south produces wine from internationally known grape varieties such as Grenache, Zinfandel and Syrah.
Croatian white wine accounts for around two thirds of the country’s wine production. The continental region in the north east of Croatia produces mainly rich, aromatic white wines in a style similar to that of nearby Italy and Austria. Most notable are the wines from Slavonia, especially those made from the Grasevina grape.

In Istria and the north coast, the focus is on is on fruity, dry white wines from a wide range of grape varieties, but mostly Malvazija.

International varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Chardonnay are also grown in the Dalmatia region, albeit under their local names, the best known being Plavac Mali.
The coastal wine region runs from Istria in the north to Dalmatia in the south. The Mediterranean climate, with long, hot dry summers and mild, short, wet winters is particularly well suited to wine production.

In Dalmatia, the islands and hillsides have an infinite variety of microclimates resulting in a wine-growing area where terroir is a crucially important factor.

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Kozlovic Teran, Istria