Pick of the Press – South Africa & Southern Italy

Two superb wines this week that have been highly praised in the national wine columns.

Julia Harding, writing for jancisrobinson.com recently visited the New Wave South Africa Tasting in London and has given fantastic reviews to the Lismore wines on show. The Sauvignon is just one of Lismore’s wines to have received rave reviews from the trade press in recent months.. highly recommended!

17.5/20ptsLismore, Barrel Fermented Sauvignon Blanc 2015
“Herbal, fumy and enticing. This is gorgeous, has all the complexity of barrel-fermented Sauvignon and the freshness of an unoaked wine. More herbal than citrus, more complex than most Sauvignons, even than most barrel-fermented versions. Wild, herbal and fresh length. Superb wine. Might well age longer than this.”  Visit website here.



“A tamed brute”

There is one grape that Matthew Jukes has have never written about in any of his columns – Aglianico… until now!

There is one grape that I have never written up to date in MoneyWeek in my 582 columns and this is because its character trait, until today, has been “brutal”. Aglianico is usually a tannic, sour, hard, ungiving red grape, and on the numerous times that I have tried to pick a mellow, balanced, or even remotely drinkable one, I have failed.

Teodosio is different because it is downright delicious while retaining the hallmarks of this famous variety. Grown on the slopes of Mount Vulture in the baking hot instep of Italy’s boot, the wild, cedar and tobacco notes are superb on the nose, but the palate is buoyant with juiciness and there is little tannin sticking out the end of this wine to dry out the palate.”  Visit website here.

Remember – these recommended wines can be purchased on their own or as part of a mixed case, and can be delivered all around the UK; delivery is free in the Colchester area.